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- GTFO ...2011.05.31 16:45:00
- Edited by: Millur on 15/04/2011 14:57:17 Found this camera option :P ...2011.04.15 14:57:00
- just letting you know that I did just now use the sisi launcher and it do work fine :D Lucky me, did ...2011.04.06 00:56:00
- I like the coming UI, find it smooth and all. And as always its the death of eve... everything is ...2011.01.24 16:40:00
- Edited by: Quemist on 23/01/2011 18:55:50 Set up a fake character purchase in the Bazaar with an al ...2011.01.23 19:16:00
- Must say, this thread had me laughing all the way through Best damn thing to come out of this patc ...2011.01.19 02:50:00
- No we will have to stick to the 2d faces with a duke nukem 3d flat version of ourselfs when walking ...2010.12.31 21:14:00
- No way Im showing up for this... smells like a terrible trap. Stelth salvager maybe lol ...2010.12.31 21:08:00
- Simply NO! There should not be a need to say more than that... ...2010.12.18 10:09:00
- Wished I could be there but living in sweden as a poor student... not even close to :P Buuuuuut any ...2010.09.03 18:50:00
- Can I haz your stuff? Cloaking annoyances signing out ...2010.09.02 07:42:00
- Edited by: Millur on 31/08/2010 16:27:49 Do sign here: ...2010.08.31 16:27:00
- Such a obious thing that should have been fixed long ago... I have a hard time reading with good eye ...2010.08.31 12:40:00
- Customization is always fun and if it can be done without adding much more work on the servers... th ...2010.06.19 15:58:00
- Not a big drones user but this is good ...2010.06.19 15:47:00

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