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- I never seen anyone fly a Prophecy who aint a noob, poor, or use AC's instead of lasers, until they ...2010.10.02 10:59:00
- Pardon me if this allready have been mentioned somewhere, but I think Hive (mother)-ships could only ...2010.09.01 10:54:00
- Last night I scanned down a wormhole in my home-system in high-sec. After making a quick check on th ...2009.03.15 21:20:00
- Looking at the npc-sellorders of above bpo I had a surprise today, in The Citadel they sell for 470 ...2009.02.28 10:23:00
- Phoon, tempest and maelstrom are exellent ships. Phoon can do pretty much anything. Tempest is the p ...2009.01.03 16:47:00
- I think these changes are bad. The blockade runners in its current versions can already avoid most c ...2008.11.03 11:41:00
- I let Grendell asses my ammo bpo and I am very pleased with his work You could do worse then not usi ...2008.10.26 21:39:00
- Seriously, Id love to see a Heavy Industry expansion: new industrial vessels spouting gouts of flame ...2008.04.28 23:02:00
- Greetings,I have aready watched Blitzkrieg, Retur of Sovo (i do'nt remembert he exact title)...i was ...2008.04.15 11:50:00
- Interesting ideas, but I fear a DPS implant set would make the work of high-sec pirates way to easy. ...2008.04.14 14:04:00
- Best idea I read for making Target Painters useful. So.../Signed ...2008.03.26 19:28:00
- Edited by: Letouk Mernel on 23/03/2008 17:32:01 What the community wants can best be expressed thro ...2008.03.23 22:14:00
- I have not been in 0.0 to make isk for over a year. Level 4's and industry in empire provide all I e ...2008.03.01 10:48:00
- /SignedWe really need a skill queue.Old timers who think its unfair to them if it gets inplented can ...2008.03.01 09:10:00
- Thank you, I got it from there and will test it out later.But the last update was 2003? Oh well just ...2008.02.27 14:40:00

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