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- Is there any pictures of drunk icelandic programmers coding patches? ...2007.12.14 07:51:00
- To each their own, I suppose. I am not, in any way, in favor of making hi-sec safe, however "hi-sec" ...2007.12.13 08:05:00
- lol @ Burger King - me likes ...2007.12.08 00:00:00
- Errr my dl has stopped - network errorAnyone else feel my pain? ...2007.11.27 20:44:00
- char is ready for transfer. ...2007.11.20 18:02:00
- How exactly do you value a name? Also, in fleet combat, names at either end of the alphabet (particu ...2007.11.19 16:37:00
- Edited by: Saint Luka on 19/11/2007 16:36:31 Race. Minmatar sellers better then amarr.SP. A 50m S ...2007.11.19 16:36:00
- So by some miracle you managed to grasp EVE-Online ingame yet you cant grasp the forums?Heh. ...2007.11.19 16:31:00
- Edited by: Saint Luka on 19/11/2007 16:04:18 bump for a friend :o ...2007.11.19 16:04:00
- No assets correct. How about in the forge? Making me goto jita is like stabbing me with a hot needle ...2007.11.19 15:35:00
- Ok 7.5b as you're one stubborn individual. You're not my wife by any chance?Well... i have been mean ...2007.11.19 15:22:00
- How about 7.4bThats all my isk as I just bought another characterAye i saw :), GJ on that ♥Sel ...2007.11.19 15:16:00
- Just a little bit of friendly advise.Miner characters generally go for little amounts of isk.pure pv ...2007.11.19 14:55:00
- As its speed spec'd for the Vagabond/Interceptors and Sabre. Hence Acceleration Control V.If you wis ...2007.11.19 14:50:00
- 7b last offerMy buyout is 7.5 and the only offer i will accept. I love the char and thats the only o ...2007.11.19 14:15:00

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