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- Edited by: Blue Sassley on 22/06/2011 22:02:37 Another good one is: ...2011.06.22 22:02:00
- Are you planing on adding some kind of option to wipe invalid API keys to maybe help speed up forums ...2011.06.21 14:18:00
- Darkside ...2011.06.19 19:18:00
- I have a 3GS running 4.2.1, I found that even if I disable all but one feed and try and do a refresh ...2011.02.24 16:15:00
- Look like a great start but crashes when refreshing all News feeds. I have all blogs disabled. Worka ...2011.02.23 20:06:00
- Thanks for the update! So far working great! One thing, how do I clean up the:8: Undefined index: te ...2011.02.21 19:22:00
- Well I tested your script out, and it seems to not be grabbing the charid correctly from the databas ...2011.02.08 20:08:00
- So I'm guessing this has grinded to a halt? ...2011.02.04 01:27:00
- Can you lease post how you fixed this..I have the same problem. Installed SMF2 RC4 with V1.1.1 of th ...2010.12.07 15:52:00
- I think I'm missing a DB table, I install this via the SVN to get version 1.1.1, and never even inst ...2010.07.06 23:29:00
- Standings require FULL API Key ive also heard standings havnt been updated in awhileIs there also a ...2010.06.29 15:42:00
- Anyone else having problems pulling Standings? ...2010.06.22 23:50:00
- Flinx you call this a video? ...2010.06.21 02:10:00
- Does anyone know if the wonderful creator is going to release updates for this? ...2009.03.31 17:18:00
- This is what I miss about the circa 1995 and older games. They were a finished product when they we ...2009.03.12 22:51:00

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