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- 'Now, Mr Suumiya, it's my hope that you will be forthcoming with the details of this matter. We will ...2011.03.16 11:18:00
- Edited by: The Cosmopolite on 15/03/2011 14:20:54I believe you are probably thinking of the mention ...2011.03.15 14:20:00
- 'If I may?' The Amarrian indicated the chair that Este had clients sit in when meeting here and, not ...2011.03.13 19:45:00
- Something else you and your, ah, 'former personality' have in common, Starsparrow, is a tendency to ...2011.03.10 04:03:00
- Captain Jenneth, I hope you will forgive me for saying that the project you refer to did not to my e ...2011.03.09 20:07:00
- Again, do you care to explain how you mean to patch this gap? I've learned to expect better than " ...2011.03.09 18:23:00
- I disagree. The Ni-Kunni are better off now than before we embraced them. The Udorians have si ...2011.03.09 17:55:00
- Edited by: The Cosmopolite on 09/03/2011 16:53:43So what makes them race-traitors but not you?The fa ...2011.03.09 16:42:00
- In the first instance, I rather agree with Kade Jeekin that the actions of these people are the more ...2011.03.09 13:04:00
- Your experience living in the so-called 'Drone Regions' is hardly unique. I myself lived there for s ...2011.03.08 21:26:00
- A very interesting discussion, illustrating quite well the differences in economic philosophy betwee ...2011.03.08 21:01:00
- Well, you have your point of view but it seems clear the people actually involved here have their vi ...2011.03.08 20:58:00
- Captain Jenneth,I do think it is a bit much to suggest internal inconsistencies indeed 'vile and f ...2011.03.08 19:13:00
- Mixed Metaphor has formally renounced all official ties with I-RED.I realise my words matter little ...2011.03.07 15:43:00
- You seem to think though that this is impossible unless they kneel and lick the boots of the Repub ...2011.03.07 15:40:00

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