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- No, that isn't possible, one unit of ice as you would get from the survey scanner is physically one ...2007.12.18 05:12:00
- Using Eve Fitting Tool it shows cycle times of 351.5625 sec for Mackinaw and 318.75 for Hulk. Which ...2007.12.18 05:10:00
- Is that taking the cargo hold into account as well?Mackinaw has a cargohold of 5K, that's enough f ...2007.12.18 04:58:00
- Aye I have herd that wee... so there is a slight advantage, honestly to the guy that said the other ...2007.12.18 04:52:00
- For the ease of calculation, assuming no skills but the exhumer skill :)ICE Harvester II = 500 Secon ...2007.12.18 04:42:00
- Commence me looking like a ******...- A Lachesis warps to a gate I'm camping in my Deimos, guy is bl ...2007.12.18 04:34:00
- I believe the "FOTM" for Slipnirs is Speed Tank + Active Shield Tank. Check... This Thread for a mor ...2007.12.18 03:53:00
- If I recall the "optimal" (as in, no waste) ME is highest resource / 5 rounded down.Translation : Yo ...2007.12.18 03:49:00
- I'm *REASONABLY* sure that fitting a TE over the 4th Gyro will yield you more actual DPS (in game) ...2007.12.18 03:46:00
- 11-point sensor strength on a billion isk gank battleship is like a license to get perma-jammed.Bing ...2007.12.18 02:07:00
- Uhm, yea, I mean, that's over the top for calculations. T2 ACRs? Maximum Alpha Focused Implants?Why ...2007.12.17 22:46:00
- the panther can get an alpha of 6.3-4k without counting wreckings, the redeemer can get about a 5k ...2007.12.17 22:32:00
- neut apoc baby, neut apocThis. And, unless you absolutely must have an Active Tank (I wouldn't for P ...2007.12.17 22:00:00
- I'm not too sure about fuel being a problem, recons have fairly large cargo bays and there's hardly ...2007.12.17 21:45:00
- It has better range, better tracking, is substantially faster, and has a better tank than the Maelst ...2007.12.17 21:35:00

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