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- Thrilled. I had the same issue as some others wherein my hood wasn't showing. I was also unhappy w ...2011.01.22 19:07:00
- That's what the hood is for. Unfortunately many of us missed the hood option in the character creat ...2011.01.18 22:45:00
- /puppy dog faceplease let me fix this atrocity.I didn't realize save was the absolute end. I thoug ...2011.01.18 22:42:00
- I made the same mistake. I feel so naked without it.I petitioned for a re-do. Really wish I had se ...2011.01.18 22:10:00
- They should really just give everyone a "do-over" option.Would be a lot quicker than answering thous ...2011.01.18 21:42:00
- I wasn't sure which one to pick so I picked Marketing I think.There aren't many options to choose fr ...2011.01.18 21:34:00
- Yes please and while your at it, tell me how to get my hood back. I never saw a hood while creating ...2011.01.18 21:23:00
- When I made mine, I didn't see a hood for an option so I assumed there wasn't a hood option. Now I ...2011.01.18 21:02:00
- Edited by: Oorestes on 18/01/2011 17:38:15 Disgusting.Lighten up bro. Here, have some poppers. /A ...2011.01.18 17:35:00
- Edited by: Oorestes on 18/01/2011 17:24:37 Do I look gay enough?Absolutely fabulous.Thanks for indu ...2011.01.18 17:21:00
- I was hoping it was the new Antoine Dodson song. ...2010.11.30 17:09:00
- Before you go all emo over your afk hulk, those posting here have a clue about how it works.The 30 M ...2010.11.25 00:01:00
- I often wonder how many of these bots are actually bots. I work from home and mine anywhere between ...2010.11.24 23:27:00
- Yet they log in day after day after day. All because of the commercials? Really? ...2010.11.21 18:25:00
- I generally try and give them the nicest rump I can since I will be spending most of my time looking ...2010.11.21 18:22:00

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