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- Something I didn't mention earlier that should make that last statement a little more acceptable: wh ...2011.02.28 21:14:00
- If you consider the possibility of changing passwords once every other month and keeping said passwo ...2011.02.28 17:16:00
- Edited by: Birdman Ravo on 28/02/2011 17:19:00 I'm building a random character sequence generator ( ...2011.02.28 04:43:00
- Great story. A while back I had the same thing happen to me. My ordeal was a lot less dramatic, a GM ...2011.02.27 05:00:00
- First things first, you're all missing the point. Really, bicker over numbers all you want.Passwords ...2011.02.11 01:44:00
- Edited by: Birdman Ravo on 28/01/2011 14:40:37 skills ...2011.01.28 14:23:00
- ...2011.01.28 13:52:00
- This whole thread is going to lead to one very expensive and very dead Rattlesnake. ...2011.01.25 06:15:00
- Ironically none of these posts are quite useless, as they do point out some flaws in your master buy ...2011.01.25 06:09:00
- Out in the far reaches of space where live bold space men whose associates and comrades are the stuf ...2011.01.25 05:43:00
- IMO you've pretty much maxed out the capabilities of the CNR as far as fitting goes. Max out your mi ...2011.01.25 00:44:00
- Gyrostabilizer I Gyrostabilizer I Gyrostabilizer I Gyrostabilizer I Gyrostabilizer IPassive Ta ...2011.01.23 05:08:00
- Having flown both I really think it boils down to how you like to run missions. An SNI with it's mas ...2011.01.21 19:13:00
- I look forward to being able to change my avatar's expression. FFS, let me give me character a grin ...2011.01.20 00:44:00
- Well said. That is why RvB is gay if they even still around. Hello If the rules were t1 frigs no f ...2011.01.20 00:37:00

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