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- Or are you saying that the servers CCP has, the ones that are the 'latest tech not even on the mark ...2008.08.02 20:50:00
- Same here. Came back after a while, I'm glad I can leave a 25D skill running. Command ships is alre ...2008.08.02 16:31:00
- 1. passive tanking BS won't work2. Get a Nighthawk. I asked the same question you asked, and people ...2007.12.11 21:19:00
- Eventually you'll need heavies, be it for a NH or something else. So I's say train it. Although wh ...2007.12.11 21:07:00
- With the amount of threads on it I bet its not hard to figure out a nice setup. Still, try out and ...2007.12.11 20:53:00
- What the ****? Nice ****ing joke, I wonder why I even renewed my subscription.I was working on rep ...2007.12.11 20:45:00
- Awesome stuff, too funny.But as some people already pointed out really nice, I'd not consider him a ...2007.08.27 00:31:00
- The OP obviously doesn't know what an organized Badger gang can do... ...2007.08.27 00:23:00
- If you don't like the way this game is, go away, don't try and change it. Being at risk everywhere i ...2007.08.27 00:05:00
- Edited by: Kaynard Stormwalker on 27/08/2007 00:02:27 Just wondering...I'm not having problems or a ...2007.08.27 00:02:00
- Damps are very effective in conjunction with ECM, because of the increase to the relocking time. But ...2007.08.02 18:57:00
- Order filled, thanks. <3 ...2007.07.27 21:34:00
- Edited by: Kaynard Stormwalker on 27/07/2007 21:34:33 Buying one 90D GTC for 350M. Send to this ch ...2007.07.27 21:13:00
- Didn't you get the memo ? It's CalAdari ! (guilty as charged, occasionally).A T2 Cruise Raven is pre ...2007.07.16 13:56:00
- Edited by: Kaynard Stormwalker on 03/07/2007 17:34:56 Edited by: Kaynard Stormwalker on 03/07/2007 ...2007.07.03 17:34:00

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