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- Edited by: Sergo Mor''Zert on 21/08/2009 10:22:28Missioning in this case.Mining is better than L4 if ...2009.08.21 10:19:00
- This "idea" is put around 3-4 times a month.Issues with it: - greatly increased server lag - lots ...2009.07.18 10:27:00
- Huh you forget overheated guns, only moronic suicidal ganker dont use that option. Also hulks in hig ...2009.06.29 14:57:00
- Are you jojo alt? Becouse this topic is at same quality level... ...2008.03.24 19:31:00
- no becouse:- it will broke balance some ships like ravens will become monsters... both gank and tank ...2008.03.24 18:56:00
- the only thing that would made vargur so powerfull in pvp is this falloff bonus... so:give vargur mo ...2008.03.24 18:33:00
- Piracy in high-sec will happen if the pirates think they can come out of it with a profit.My under ...2008.03.24 18:23:00
- As far as i know the rules are that:If player stealing the object (or bumping or whatever) is profit ...2008.03.24 09:48:00
- Edited by: Sergo Mor''Zert on 22/03/2008 23:58:53 ???? Is there an order when you overheat stuff??? ...2008.03.22 23:58:00
- Depend completly on setup (modules and rigs and your skills)- you use t2 modules or officer? - you ...2008.03.22 23:50:00
- With them you can downgrade boosters into large DG (cheap) and still have sufficent tank while perma ...2008.03.21 09:33:00
- I am also thinking of flying a Maelstrom so I am interested in this post. I can fly Caldari and have ...2008.03.21 09:18:00
- Train caldari missles and shield tanks, amarr armor tanking and gallente drones to max and all suppo ...2008.03.21 09:15:00
- Minmatar or Caldari as industrial 5 is biggest prereq for transport ships. I personally prefer minma ...2008.03.21 08:18:00
- Edited by: Rellana on 21/03/2008 07:48:16 IN my current Geddon setup I struggle to do decent damage ...2008.03.21 08:11:00

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