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- seeing as most folks havent noticed thread might as well add 150,000 x NO to ingame items/advantages ...2011.06.29 02:59:00
- <------ Hey CCP kiss are asses. ...2011.06.27 02:35:00
- lets see here around 5% of the pop angry over are riots and around 95% protesting in jita and all hu ...2011.06.26 05:58:00
- i got a message about a invalid packet in the node then got dc'd and couldnt get back int...and befo ...2011.06.15 05:24:00
- i do say the vindicator can use a cap upgrade as well as a tank boost. to seriously make it stand ou ...2009.10.15 04:49:00
- say developers wat about vindicators? that is a faction ship. are ships like that type i have in o ...2009.10.15 04:08:00
- 1 bill bid ...2009.07.19 21:46:00
- :-( was hoping u was gonna be nice n let it go to me for that much ...2009.07.19 04:43:00
- well wat a ncie char all i ahve is 1.1 bill so their is my offer ive laid this on the table for a f ...2009.07.19 03:56:00
- give ya a bid /buy out @ 800 mill (needs funds for other things) take it or leave it ...2009.07.19 03:42:00
- isk recieved char beign transferred ...2009.04.13 01:36:00
- so erm how soon u gonna be doen workin? ...2009.04.13 01:10:00
- daily bump ...2009.04.12 16:20:00
- can fly ans use a orca/hulk very nice mining skills her eis the info for it ...2009.04.12 04:18:00
- i am sitll having malfunctions trying to login and also i am geting dissconnected...ccp please fix t ...2008.10.28 18:03:00

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