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- you don't, we will make the switch to html5 just as fast as we are making the move to IPv6.And web 2 ...2010.10.13 14:49:00
- The obvious thing to do is to get him a kitten-trollface- ...2010.10.13 14:45:00
- Asus.Best customer support, one of the best hardware for the dollar while maintaining great construc ...2010.08.27 20:37:00
- The 10% difference in damage output is a theoretical 10% speed difference.Maths!Anyways, the Tengu c ...2010.08.18 19:14:00
- You might be lagging, or your cache needs a cleanin'containers take a bit to load, especially with b ...2010.08.18 19:09:00
- I wish CCP would have a database or an ingame archive to demonstrate or let you lookup what effects ...2010.08.18 19:07:00
- I don't think you GET Goon.These posts are the reason they play games. ...2010.08.18 19:03:00
- TL;DRShove it in the oven and open a window. Can't make it worse. ...2010.08.18 18:58:00
- If she had the lottery numbers, she would not be sitting here all day locking threads and cleaning u ...2010.08.18 18:52:00
- giving blood and semenYou can make more money getting it then giving.Just saying. ...2010.08.18 18:49:00
- No.single 5870 with a slot for a second 5870 when the prices drop.Stop buying economy cards, especia ...2010.08.18 18:47:00
- There is no such thing as useless resources, games are about looking good as well as playing good. ...2010.08.18 18:41:00
- I think you mean linked DragonAge2 ...2010.08.17 17:03:00
- It's actually true, a huge issue is the balls of solder that are used under the card sometimes come ...2010.08.17 13:29:00
- It's good being single. ...2010.08.11 14:19:00

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