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- Sold ...2007.01.11 15:50:00
- Just send me a convo and lets do this dance. ...2007.01.11 15:40:00
- Some people out there, regardless of their real life ethnicity, enjoy the abiliity to create avatars ...2006.03.03 13:04:00
- The fun of the game is in the competition, smart guy. ...2006.02.20 13:59:00
- I like it. ...2006.02.17 02:33:00
- Trireme class ship who does damage by ramming through the side of ships, then having thousands of sp ...2006.02.17 00:12:00
- If you're having fun with the game, which is what he is doing, you're playing it right.Kudos for doi ...2006.02.16 15:11:00
- If battleships dont have anything that works very well against frigates, that means *gasp* you're go ...2006.02.16 15:01:00
- Being a game, something that is designed to be done when you have nothing else to do by entertaining ...2006.02.16 03:54:00
- Until after Tech V is out for a year and the EVE gate finally opens, along with the billions of horr ...2006.02.14 14:52:00
- Edited by: Zephyrlin on 13/02/2006 23:04:39 Seriously... dude.... the first skills I'd work on are: ...2006.02.14 00:01:00
- Price list please. ...2006.02.12 14:53:00
- Almost every PVP setup these days has a Nos on it.If there is a module so good you might as well not ...2006.02.12 04:55:00
- I wanna meet all these new players who get 60 billion isk in their first month and have to spend the ...2006.02.06 10:09:00
- So many skills these days have level V prereqs because most of them are for people who want to SPECI ...2006.02.04 00:45:00

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