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- The minutes have been repeatedly delayed because we're in discussions with CCP regarding the tone of ...2011.08.28 13:10:00
- Ice mining doesn't have to necessarily be profitable... You are still operating on a "isk" model ...2011.08.24 03:09:00
- Your member's whining was more to do with bringing him out there before he had the skills to cope w ...2011.08.17 11:07:00
- In other words, every single argument you have is based on fluffNo. My argument is based on numbers. ...2011.08.15 04:50:00
- Edited by: Akita T on 14/08/2011 19:04:43 NPC Corp players that clearly hide behind Concord and com ...2011.08.15 00:11:00
- Before Incarna was released, There was already a HUGE uproar over the proposal by CCP to make 3rd pa ...2011.08.14 23:58:00
- OP is such a ****, roll on the new forums with their block function. ...2011.08.11 13:12:00
- Saw OP was a goon. Read no further. ...2011.08.10 08:37:00
- Very good point.I can tell you that this is one of the moments where we look at what CCP do and less ...2011.08.10 07:16:00
- Deep Vein Thrombosis is mainly caused by, as mentioned above, blood pooling in the legs where it can ...2011.08.01 11:41:00
- Direct mail spam is just the start. See Dex Ironside's closed thread: "GET READY for the ADVERTISIN ...2011.07.31 04:12:00
- Saw "escort service", read "prostitution in Incarna has arrived". Oh its arrived. Theres a female c ...2011.07.29 11:40:00
- I average 100 million per planet per 30 days after all taxes, broker fees and import/export duties a ...2011.07.29 02:36:00
- "to those who have not yet purchased a monocle+monocle owners"I.E. EVERYONE I read that as "waaaah, ...2011.07.28 07:44:00
- CCP alt detectedI know I am probably feeding the troll here, but for the sake of clarity let me stat ...2011.07.28 07:15:00

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