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- If your looking for people I'd suggest you actually man your recruitment channel, I've been sitting ...2009.10.08 21:53:00
- If you want into frig based fights I suggest you give FW a shot. As for specific ships, many caldar ...2009.04.03 10:45:00
- I get the same problem - I get disconnects right after picking my character, I sometimes have to log ...2009.03.16 12:08:00
- Hi allI came back to the game a few months ago after RL stuff meant I have no time to play and after ...2008.10.01 22:59:00
- On your first few LVL 4 missions I suggest the following:* Research the mission first and use the in ...2008.08.15 12:30:00
- Introducing some form of team play into missioning would be nice - EVE is a MMO after all. Maybe ma ...2008.07.21 13:50:00
- What is Leadership? ...2008.07.12 19:33:00
- Thanks for the interest guys - I've found a good match for me ...2008.03.20 22:02:00
- Hi allI just reactivated my account and I'm looking for a new home. Unfortunately before leaving EV ...2008.03.20 18:32:00
- ok, I'll try that, thanks for the help ...2005.09.15 22:57:00
- Hi guysI'm a new to missions and I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to answer some of m ...2005.09.15 22:01:00
- Thanks for all the help guysm its all much clearer now ...2004.12.02 12:36:00
- Thanks guys but I got 2 more questions1st how much does it cost to run a factory and whats involved, ...2004.12.02 03:49:00

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