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- Many pirates these days have forgotten about roaming, small gang warfare and group pvp tactics. Thes ...2009.09.16 10:19:00
- well I used to run but am worried that while am this heavy it might damage my knees etc ...2009.06.04 20:15:00
- I plan on using it on road 90% of the time and then use it for cross country I was told that with du ...2009.06.04 20:14:00
- I am 5'11 35yo and 17odd stonewant to burn fat and build mussle I just want to know what is good for ...2009.06.04 20:08:00
- Ooh ooh I got one! What if... bear with me here... What if, I run missions on my main, and pirate aw ...2009.06.04 14:55:00
- Warp 0 ...2009.05.31 22:11:00
- Thanks for the replies - the issue with using bs class is traveling to the gate, but will seeThanks ...2009.05.30 07:26:00
- thanks was also thinking about travel times to gates - want to just burn tho the missions ...2009.05.26 22:14:00
- just looking ...2009.05.26 22:12:00
- We can fly all 4 races between us (me not ammar him not gal), also we can fly most eve ships (not t3 ...2009.05.26 21:59:00
- As an atheist I know that when I die that the end of me - plus I don't understand the argument - ití ...2009.05.26 13:52:00
- can we have his name? ...2009.05.22 09:27:00
- pac man ...2009.05.08 00:00:00
- 03 ...2009.04.24 21:47:00
- ok to be back on topic back when we had w15- I was in a travel frig - which meant I could travel in ...2009.04.21 12:45:00

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