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- Edited by: Marc Isabel on 26/12/2009 10:32:15 Edited by: Marko Riva on 26/12/2009 10:03:12 Somethi ...2009.12.26 10:32:00
- You fantasize too much., you logoffski too much ...2009.09.27 08:51:00
- What a bunch of a nonsense about how Larkonis breaking his NDA agreement with CCP is the absolute wo ...2009.09.19 23:10:00
- Supported. It bogs down scanning a lot. ...2009.08.28 11:38:00
- *explains* Bullseye. Exact same method I use. I feel counting out the correct amount of zero's is e ...2009.07.09 09:02:00
- If you want to fit energy guns, use pulses. You probably want Dual Light Pulse Lasers (rather than M ...2009.07.09 08:54:00
- Besides, Noir. pilots are getting paid for getting the job done. If these are just "spoof" contracts ...2009.07.09 07:53:00
- Edited by: Marc Isabel on 14/04/2009 11:08:37 Wikiphile wars update, part deux: ISD has lock the u ...2009.04.14 11:08:00
- Wikiphile wars update: United CEO Katie Door's vandalism attempt has been denied by the ISD. ...2009.04.13 08:22:00
- And here we go, after vandalizing their lossmails the united also go vandalizing their EVElopedia en ...2009.04.12 21:12:00
- Added a reference to this thread to The united's Evelopedia page (the italic part):The united is ran ...2009.04.11 19:47:00
- I like The United's approach to killboard stats. It goes like this:- if you gain points, blame yours ...2009.04.11 08:20:00
- If we produce any more videos we might as well open our own Youtube channel ...2009.04.10 15:22:00
- Today we're doing a mining OP. ...2009.04.01 07:43:00
- Supported, as a non-smoker. Don't we play immersive games to do what we can't IRL?Also, if there's r ...2009.03.30 11:48:00

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