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- We are do this since 25.07.2007Your Corp is a joke. Suddenly Ninjas owns you. Seriously. Do you h ...2009.06.03 17:16:00
- That is my point, if you are unhappy with the representation for your profession I would sugesst you ...2009.05.13 20:16:00
- Hey, how long has it been since I've posted here? Well, I've just popped in to say, I wholeheartedl ...2009.04.29 17:38:00
- Now, it was your hardwork and dedication that enabled you the ability to do the harder missions of t ...2009.04.12 23:37:00
- ITT: SN trolls target a former member I just reviewed the thread, and don't see any of our Members i ...2009.03.26 22:41:00
- In after Tchell.Oh, wait. ...2009.03.11 17:27:00
- I thought you did because the OP has a suddenly ninjas-sig. I support the service, because not only ...2009.03.06 16:19:00
- As CEO of TEARS and Suddenly Ninjas, I wholeheartedly approve of this Service. ...2009.03.06 15:44:00
- we both run as individuals - but the person who wins will automatically appoint the other as the afo ...2009.03.05 18:53:00
- dear god if this post is serious your really failhurf durf - looks like I fail. Actually, since I'v ...2009.03.04 20:39:00
- I have the solution to training Learning Skills. It's called the "Suck it up, princess" plan. Trai ...2009.03.04 17:48:00
- Alliance title?..Moar suggestions pleaseHow about, "We won't scam you, but we might just shoot you." ...2009.03.04 16:32:00
- Step down Tchell. If you're so worried about a split vote, then bow out and let C&P be represented ...2009.03.03 21:15:00
- Confirming Pompous was spotted in Mya... the bridge windows on his ship were all foggy, and there wa ...2009.03.03 20:49:00
- So, you're going to run for csm too ?You're new here, aren't you? ...2009.03.03 20:31:00

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