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- With all the drama happening nowadays, it caused me to wonder what kind of in-game fiction could be ...2011.06.26 03:24:00
- Safety tip for cap ship pilots: Never fly the second carrier on the left. :)Excellent work, Ian. A t ...2011.05.31 06:54:00
- And have no fear, I shall return to writing EEG Adventures. Just gotta get that damn PhD first. :-) ...2011.03.17 02:25:00
- Edited by: Sern Tanalon on 21/01/2011 07:43:50 UPDATE: With the new character creator online, I hav ...2011.01.21 07:43:00
- Broadcasting from Saisio. ...2011.01.20 18:56:00
- UPDATE (9 Jan 11): Due to RL concerns, the EEG story will be on hiatus until April. My thanks to tho ...2011.01.10 09:42:00
- With the message sent, the Jovian cruiser spun up its jump drive and vanished. Not far away, the Jov ...2011.01.04 08:19:00
- A reply came within minutes, and with a gentle flash a Jovian battleship de-cloaked before him. It t ...2011.01.04 08:16:00
- “I’m sorry.”“No matter,” Packlid said with a steadying breath. “You have nothing to be sorry about. ...2011.01.04 08:10:00
- “No, I’ve studied the Eye’s methods. If they were going to spring a trap they would have at least a ...2011.01.04 08:05:00
- Chapter XIV: Voices From Afar“Where’s Kira?” came Jazz’s voice from the flickering, full-sized holo ...2011.01.04 08:00:00
- Just for fun, I played around with the new character creator on Sisi and redid some of the character ...2010.12.31 10:33:00
- More! More! :D This series is brilliant I can't wait to read on. Expect chapter 14 next week. :-) ...2010.12.31 10:27:00
- “Drop your weapons!” came a sudden yell. Ronin spun around to see a squad of security guards aiming ...2010.12.19 05:17:00
- Edited by: Sern Tanalon on 29/12/2010 10:50:02 “Most likely. One of them has a serpent tattoo showi ...2010.12.19 05:14:00

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