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- I agree. There are too few battle haulers this year. ...2011.05.30 16:42:00
- Hahahahah the tears in this thread are great!!Which tears, exactly? Or are you just used to throwin ...2011.05.18 19:24:00
- Testing my new things ...2011.05.18 17:28:00
- What ever is said I back the new players thoughts on this and hopefully am not the only one The new ...2011.05.16 00:36:00
- How many escort Ops have you been on in the last month? Everyone knows whaht everyone else should ...2011.05.15 01:24:00
- I always say "skilltraining in EVE compared to skilltraining on other games is like welface compared ...2011.05.14 09:25:00
- BattletronI have been lax of late but I will be stepping up my attacks. Unfortunatly I missed my cha ...2011.05.14 08:59:00
- Where the hell are you people finding these groups? I'm scowering through 1/4 of Jita and I can't se ...2011.05.12 00:23:00
- I want deep space transports to have a turret or missile slot. ...2011.05.02 08:43:00
- In two more years it will be 100 years since the first world war started. In 28 years it will be 100 ...2011.04.14 22:47:00
- Edited by: Misstress Iteron on 14/04/2011 21:54:41 The 6NJ8-V slaughter ...2011.04.14 21:52:00
- This could be problematic for me... ...2011.04.14 19:24:00
- I don't have issues with blasters ...2011.04.12 02:09:00
- Damn those games, where America saves world from "terrorists" or "****s" , making me puke. Are they ...2011.03.08 18:47:00
- However this does mean industrials can bring down ships many classes above them ...2011.03.08 18:10:00

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