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- hey Oblivion,sorry to have missed you, why not convo us in-game?chat later maybe? ...2010.04.14 10:41:00
- why not drop by and have a chat with us in channel RESQREC? ...2010.04.12 23:56:00
- okay guys,I've got the Boost Patch for the bugsany chance of a Boost Patch for the game now :)pax ...2008.03.21 13:23:00
- judging by the posts already in this thread it appears that happy days are here again, courtesy of C ...2008.03.13 21:49:00
- hi Odd Mothball,thank you for your of active corp players is between 8 and 12.currently ...2008.03.08 12:47:00
- hi folks,didn't mean to double post but I'm just following up a suggestion :).I'm hoping the forum w ...2008.03.07 19:24:00
- I suggest asking this question in the stations and starbases forum, as you will find more industry o ...2008.03.07 19:21:00
- hi folks,I'm hoping the forum will be able to offer me any tricks, tips, suggestions, thoughts, idea ...2008.03.07 13:39:00
- thank you for your reply folks.So . . . if the miner was to scramble the can flipper and survive int ...2008.03.02 11:22:00
- what would happen to a miner if, after his can was flipped, the miner targetted and scrambled the pi ...2008.03.01 22:49:00
- Shodan - now I know about 'Tactical Overview' I can start to use it, thanks.Mordinn - moving is an o ...2008.02.20 13:58:00
- You could just turn on things that are in the belt ON in your overview (things like the roid type, c ...2008.02.20 00:52:00
- “If you are in a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, ...2008.02.20 00:19:00
- is there any useful technique for deploying, and anchoring, a container 5000 m from all other object ...2008.02.20 00:11:00
- I had a trial account, I liked the game and now I'm a paying customer - isn't that the purpose of th ...2008.02.05 13:46:00

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