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- Amarr ships/lasers are extremely good these days. But the major reason isn't because of QR and all t ...2008.12.05 09:57:00
- a. I never deny that the arbi isn't a great t1 ship. It's awesome. For its role of ewar. You don't b ...2008.12.02 06:58:00
- Other HACs perform roles that BCs can't fill.The problem with the Deimos is that it's role can be fi ...2008.12.01 09:31:00
- Edited by: Murkon Salesgirl on 28/11/2008 11:51:45 Would you people shut up about the Zealot alread ...2008.11.28 11:49:00
- Deimos needs a buff. It's got gank and weak tank, whereas its bigger brother the Brutix has both bet ...2008.11.28 03:08:00
- 1. People with overload skills generally dont fly omen2. In this particular class of ships, t1 cru ...2008.11.27 12:58:00
- Edited by: Lyria Skydancer on 26/11/2008 22:15:53 Your advantage with lasers over blasters is ran ...2008.11.26 22:30:00
- There's never going to be a balanced MMO.Unless it has 1 race, 1 weapon, 1 armor/fitting and 1 facti ...2008.11.26 09:22:00
- Zealot with AB is comedy setup. Midslot setup for mine is MWD II, ECCM and Sensor Booster most of th ...2008.11.26 09:20:00
- Did you two arguing about who's pvp fitting is better bother reading that the op wanted a PVE fittin ...2008.11.26 09:16:00
- I'm sure a lot of people who fly HACs have the relevant skills to 5. I do like your Omen setup, bu ...2008.11.26 08:46:00
- Decent tank on a high dps platform. Two fitting variants. AB or MWD. 800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungst ...2008.11.26 08:31:00
- Edited by: Murkon Salesgirl on 26/11/2008 05:15:55 Why couldn't you? It will be quite easy.Setup wi ...2008.11.26 05:15:00
- How many BC/BS ships should a falcon/rook/bb/scorp be able to reliably perma jam?If the answer is 1 ...2008.11.26 05:09:00
- If you are having problems with the 4850, 4870 or 4870x2, do a google "4870 crashing" and do some re ...2008.11.25 08:45:00

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