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- very well done m8, congrats ...2011.05.31 13:16:00
- Think your missing the point somewhat and i do love smart arses, i do work, im self employed, you sa ...2011.05.31 10:59:00
- its sure great and much appreciated that eve is moving on all the time with new things being created ...2011.05.31 10:45:00
- just a add on, theyve stopped my eyes from being all white, i think theres bigger issues to sort don ...2011.04.07 11:49:00
- upto press no problems, even looks like im lag free, for those of us who have never suffered LAG, or ...2011.04.07 11:46:00
- take server off as long as you like, if it fixes the problem,if it fixes the problem,if it fixes the ...2011.02.24 12:00:00
- A MAJOR CATASTROPHE IS LOOSING A LOVED ONE OR A COMRADE NOT CONNECTION. yes its a pain but so is a f ...2008.10.28 19:02:00
- all cool u guys its not if its done on purpose.its quite laughable as ive had connection probs for t ...2008.10.28 18:29:00

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