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- I enjoy playing eve, and making isk to continue doing it. A couple of plexs/anoms a week keeps 2 acc ...2011.07.13 13:43:00
- New to Angel space, and trying to get into exploration. I'll duo these with a tank + dps, and this i ...2011.07.13 13:17:00
- What I am looking for:US Timezone (can play some Euro times, but prefer US) Experienced Corp in a r ...2011.06.30 22:37:00
- Edited by: Dalek Commander on 25/05/2011 20:01:24 Lets put this is perspective.Super Carrier Cost: ...2011.05.25 20:01:00
- You realize that when the drone russians have killed off the NC, ccp are going to make them an empir ...2011.05.11 20:07:00
- 1. Apply to a corp living in 0.0 2. Do missions, anoms, and plexs in your new home 3. Kill anyone ...2011.05.02 03:35:00
- Fine kill bounties, but...Move level 4 and 5 agents to 0.0, and remove them entirely from high/lowse ...2011.04.06 10:40:00
- If you want to be cheap replace faction mods with T2. Go get'mProbe launcher is for finding anoms, a ...2011.04.05 20:31:00
- The only ships I've seen successfully solo a 10/10 are cruiser size and use a combo of small sig siz ...2011.04.05 20:27:00
- Most of the major alliances/coalitions in 0.0 were there pre-dominion. I'm sure they haven't forgott ...2011.04.04 22:14:00
- Edited by: Dalek Commander on 04/04/2011 20:27:47 Hi, Capitol pilot reporting in. You're nuts.....R ...2011.04.04 20:26:00
- Wall of Text Spoken like someone who has never had to setup a POS, IHUB, Jump Bridge Network, bui ...2011.03.30 18:37:00
- whargarblTLDR - I started Eve after someone else did, and it's not fair they have an advantage. ...2011.03.30 12:26:00
- Edited by: Dalek Commander on 30/03/2011 12:20:36 Something has to be done about the Technetium Spi ...2011.03.30 12:19:00
- I live in 0.0, and run two characters worth of PI. I made a lil over 100mil a month off it, and the ...2011.03.28 15:03:00

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