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- Sounds like you're trying to run this like exploration. First off, go the the sticky thread at the ...2007.09.14 06:56:00
- Find someone who already can run l4's for the corp you want to run them in, and gang with them. The ...2007.08.28 19:11:00
- This implant would be HUGE for inventors, where you've got a negative ME bpc using lots of expensive ...2007.07.24 17:07:00
- Your understanding is faulty. The standings of the CEO are no more important than the standings of ...2007.07.22 21:56:00
- I started running L4 missions in a Raven with pretty mediocre skills, and lost a few while I learned ...2007.06.29 18:53:00
- And yet the stasis sentries on an npc POS can have an interceptor locked in a few seconds.. me want ...2007.06.21 17:11:00
- YOu gain standing to Gallente Federation only with the storyline missions, which you get an offer fo ...2007.06.19 19:01:00
- The devs said several times that removing static asteroid belts was "only something were thinking ab ...2007.06.18 22:09:00
- Rather than fail missions for an opposing faction, you can also run missions for an allied faction t ...2007.06.16 00:22:00
- Then you need to triple-check. There are both "Zor's Custom Navigation Link" and "Zor's Custom Navi ...2007.06.14 23:07:00
- The Thanatos will probably become the ship of choice for l5+ missions due to the fighter damage bonu ...2007.05.30 21:23:00
- The answer can be found easily enough, but I'm too lazy to bother pointing you to it ...2007.05.24 23:31:00
- Thukker missions have sent me against normal pirates, the Minmatar Republic Fleet, and the Gallente ...2007.02.26 22:36:00
- This was done to death a few weeks ago. You WILL get full room agro when you engage. Most of the d ...2007.01.19 01:37:00
- Any detect irony here? Anytime someone complains about mission loot or ore being stolen, it's "Oh w ...2007.01.12 23:41:00

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