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- Yes there is.Because Apple did not finish coding the bluetooth stack on the iPhone. Neither do they ...2008.09.29 21:54:00
- I don't know, but i find it very stupid that something my "not so smart" phone k810i has (and many, ...2008.09.29 14:24:00
- Hi, As the title says, why only this and no file transfer and other stuff? ...2008.09.29 12:00:00
- Hi, I think the zealot is best in the semi nano setup.I went with something like this: 3 HP + 2 FM ...2008.09.20 21:21:00
- Edited by: AsfALT on 26/08/2008 18:46:43 I give you The Crawler!! . This is for the Tube.EDIT: bac ...2008.08.26 17:12:00
- Edited by: AsfALT on 17/07/2008 12:52:19Sadly i don't know of any good navigation software that runs ...2008.07.17 12:52:00
- I finally bought a MIO P560. I installed iGo 2006 plus and it seems ok, it takes a while for the so ...2008.07.16 20:28:00
- If you can give up on windows mobile, perhaps the N810Its not a smartphone (though the similarly nam ...2008.07.15 11:09:00
- ...The problem with this device is that it has a gsm unit :) (which i don't really want) and that ...2008.07.14 20:08:00
- The only PDA that has a USB host that i found was this fujitsu-siemens.On the other hand i know that ...2008.07.14 12:28:00
- Excuse my being so pushy but I need to purchase this device soon as I am going in vacation in one we ...2008.07.13 19:29:00
- Edited by: AsfALT on 13/07/2008 15:27:43 Please don't refer smartphones I really don't want one. I ...2008.07.13 15:27:00
- Come on ppl, work with me! :)I really need more advice on this matter. ...2008.07.13 09:55:00
- I am considering one of these two, the mio p560 and the asus a696.I am open to suggestions though :) ...2008.07.12 21:54:00
- Edited by: AsfALT on 12/07/2008 22:12:00 Edited by: AsfALT on 12/07/2008 21:31:10 Edited by: AsfAL ...2008.07.12 20:45:00

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