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- No. ...2011.06.26 00:04:00
- Thanks for all your hard work. I didn't think there was going to be a 3 (I've been out of the loop f ...2011.05.30 22:00:00
- You are the type of person we can all hold responsible for the "Warning, may contain nuts" sign on ...2010.05.21 23:57:00
- Whining about whining, you get the hypocrite award. At the very least, my criticism is constructive ...2010.05.21 23:29:00
- So I just got the latest promotional email in my inbox. I have a few problems with it, though.EON "I ...2010.05.21 23:16:00
- 1. Well, as far as I could tell, someone tampered with her clone and her mind as it was being transm ...2009.12.10 22:15:00
- That Chronicle was removed fairly recently as part of our "storyline renovation" project. Removed Ch ...2009.12.10 09:00:00
- I just finished the book and I wish I hadn't waited so long to read it. It's a great read, very hard ...2009.12.10 08:54:00
- "Camera Field of View (FOV) has been changed."Can anyone elaborate on this? ...2009.12.01 23:54:00
- I realized tonight how much I miss the old gate jump and cap ship jump sound effects. They actually ...2009.07.03 05:42:00
- Could always email your questions to wrangler who can no doubt pass them along for you, if not maybe ...2009.07.01 03:15:00
- Is there any way to contact a particular dev? I'd really like to talk to CCP Abraxas for a few minut ...2009.07.01 01:43:00
- I think it would be nice if CCP would release the EVE soundtrack on iTunes. Its kind of relaxing som ...2009.03.06 03:58:00
- I'm amazed EVE still has terrible problems with sound. Literally every game released has sound, too, ...2009.03.06 03:53:00
- It's a shuttle.Wossat? A Templar you say?I heard it was a Raven. ...2009.02.28 03:46:00

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