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- Edited by: Dallas23 on 19/11/2009 01:56:36 I have had cruise missile 5 for a over a year now so tha ...2009.11.19 01:44:00
- Thanks for your kind words. Both Mephie and I have had many things come up in real life. More so f ...2009.04.18 14:41:00
- I had gone into a "unknown" WH system from 0.8 space. After having some friends show up and run som ...2009.03.14 16:00:00
- Hopefully this will help some. I still have encountered heavy lag situations when travling through ...2009.01.15 23:59:00
- I am just curious but are you going to do the 5th major pirate faction flag Sansha? ...2008.11.05 16:05:00
- Question is the Orca going to be the equivalent of a high sec command ship for mining forman, and wh ...2008.10.16 19:50:00
- Just saying things are moving along fairly nicely. As was reported in the there was an interesting ...2008.08.20 23:38:00
- I'd also like to reserve 250million and I'd like to point out that based on statements made thus far ...2008.07.07 22:54:00
- Read my last post on page two, in there I take your words and turn it into there you said 5 ...2008.07.06 00:46:00
- Anyways, the stuff I was going to say has already been said but basically my comment about 13 bill ...2008.07.05 09:03:00
- Why does the OP totally skip around this line of thought?You reply before and after these 2 posts so ...2008.07.04 06:47:00
- Crystal implants have no affect on capital shield boosters, all other pirate implants work as they s ...2008.07.03 00:34:00
- I'm attached to this and reserving 400mil in shares. D23 ...2008.07.02 22:35:00
- personally I do not think there is any issure with nanos, overdrives, or even inertia stabs. what ...2008.06.24 00:27:00
- Sounds good idea, and something I mentioned a while in the Texas thread. ...2008.06.23 23:45:00

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