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- That was, as other posters have pointed out, a joke.Web developers generally do not possess the prop ...2010.07.16 19:25:00
- Only a freaking moron would think a PLEX has any real life monetary value.You choose to spend money ...2010.07.11 06:44:00
- what a ****ing joke. ...2010.07.02 14:30:00
- same issue here, and i have no HUD or brackets. ****ing CCP. ...2010.07.02 14:12:00
- waa waa people are saying things i don't like! waa waafree speech is great until you hear things you ...2010.06.28 02:31:00
- i support this purely because learning skills are pointless and act as a time sink. ...2010.06.24 22:27:00
- you can already buy sp, i don't know what peoplea re talking about you can buy sp for isk you can bu ...2010.06.24 20:55:00

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