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- I am hung down, brung down, hung up, and all kinds o' mean nasty ugly things. ...2011.09.09 14:20:00
- And if your in a situation like that there's only one thing you can do and that's log in wherever y ...2011.09.09 06:02:00
- My computer doesn't crash, but then, it doesn't need to crash for EVE to SUCK HARD these days. ...2011.09.09 04:41:00
- The downward slide has only just begun. The damage done to this games subscriber base is only beginn ...2011.09.09 04:34:00
- The hangar is dead. CQ killed it. Murder most foul....because CCP wants us to buy pants. ...2011.09.09 04:27:00
- Good points. I agree wholeheartedly. CCP thought they could run with the big dogs, gambled it all, ...2011.09.09 04:20:00
- I think that CCP needs to burn its fingers on this one, learn not to do it again.The EVE community n ...2011.09.09 04:07:00
- I mean, what is this bull****?Incarna sucks - not just sucking up valuable dev resources, but actual ...2011.09.09 03:45:00
- What, disappointed?If both forums were allowed to run simultaneously, the new one would dry up and b ...2011.09.09 03:29:00
- Where do these ideas come from? Monkeys in hats?"Mein Fuhrer, they've promised that everything will ...2011.09.06 03:48:00
- While we are casting about for things that will improve the game, lets throw this one on the pile:Th ...2011.09.06 02:47:00
- Seriously.Getting tired, oh so tired of staring at that door.Just dust off the old hangar code, add ...2011.09.06 00:07:00
- Most companies beta test with their customer base. Sad but true.CCP, on the other hand, only asks fo ...2011.09.05 23:59:00
- Macs? They still make those? ...2011.09.05 23:55:00
- Too bad they couldn't suppress this information as easily as discontinuing the QEN.Going to be hard ...2011.09.05 23:53:00

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