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- Hi there, I finally started to use an R&D-Agent. Choosing one from wasn't the task, ...2009.11.05 10:54:00
- I've read a bunch of interviews about the presentations and grasped some "facts". Afaik the game i ...2009.08.18 17:58:00
- Well, this uestion is just about the design. I watched the bestower-fight-movie from the eve-downl ...2009.08.07 02:11:00
- thx ...2009.08.03 19:31:00
- Well, I'm pretty new to play EVE with a full account. I played the trial some time ago, but that isn ...2009.08.02 00:35:00
- Hi there. For all users here, having german buddies who suffer from 'Kabel Deutschland'-problem, her ...2009.07.31 20:37:00

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