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- Agreed. ...2009.06.01 17:04:00
- Supported, it should be possible to repackage things in a POS array, and (I think) in any other mult ...2009.06.01 16:59:00
- Gates create critical strategic bottlenecks. If you don't hold a gate you don't control traffic with ...2009.06.01 16:57:00
- Edited by: Tesseract d''Urberville on 27/05/2009 18:47:37 I like the new intro. It has spunk. And t ...2009.05.27 18:47:00
- Edited by: Tesseract d''Urberville on 26/05/2009 21:02:46 Logo designers of the world unite. I had ...2009.05.26 21:02:00
- The Arbiter from StarCraft jumped to my mind for the first one, too.Both of these ideas rely on the ...2009.05.22 18:55:00
- Excellent idea, and great quote:"Real men hull tank" ...2009.05.21 23:01:00
- Obviously a feature like this would warrant a lot of testing to make sure it's not overpowered... bu ...2009.05.21 22:59:00
- They either need to make Covetors available at Mining Barges IV or Hulks available at Exhumers IV (i ...2009.05.21 15:36:00
- I like it, although it certainly would need to be carefully balanced.Here's a different idea in the ...2009.05.19 18:44:00
- The difference between the Hulk and covetor it's about 4 days ( skill days).The difference for me be ...2009.05.19 18:31:00
- Agreed. ...2009.05.18 19:02:00
- Well, the game knows how much damage was inflicted, even if the bounty hunter doesn't. I like the id ...2009.05.18 17:24:00
- Issler has been my CEO for over a year now, and I couldn't wish for a more dedicated leader (or "bos ...2009.05.18 15:28:00
- Edited by: Tesseract d''Urberville on 15/05/2009 18:22:43 Edited by: Isaac Starstriker on 14/05/200 ...2009.05.15 18:22:00

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