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- ...2007.07.26 14:00:00
- Good to see your safe Dancer and no apology needed, real life comes first.I am still around and kick ...2007.06.25 09:56:00
- to nights server problems ??? it started on firday and is still here !!! cant log in sataus unknown ...2007.06.24 15:25:00
- Unity was never a beacon of hope for the future or a memorial to the past. There is only one beacon ...2007.06.09 18:39:00
- Happy Birthday Everyone!I did not arrive until end of may myself (saw the game on the shelf of GAME ...2007.05.05 15:43:00
- it usually means you are using a bpc which has no tech 2 equivalent. ...2007.03.20 10:50:00
- Anyone Know anything about Stocks? Any New York stock people play eve?Up = Good Down = BadThats abo ...2007.03.13 10:44:00
- alliance standings ...2007.03.02 23:52:00
- ctrl-Q is a bane of eve. I dont blame you for trying as the alternative is death. However its real ...2007.03.01 00:39:00
- caldari are the easiest, missiles and ewar, shield tanks that work well in PvE or PvPgallente next u ...2007.02.27 22:40:00
- you dont need to add the line anymore, the options are shown by default in your graphics menu.http:/ ...2007.02.27 19:23:00
- Edited by: Hakera on 27/02/2007 18:30:57 whilst your points on supply & demand (bar the mineral top ...2007.02.27 18:34:00
- Edited by: Hakera on 25/02/2007 20:12:49 if you judge everything by a rudimentry cost/benefit, then ...2007.02.25 20:15:00
- soab!deserved though, we were crap. ...2007.02.25 01:08:00
- in concept its simply flying the flag for one faction in war against another (opt in RvR). Whilst t ...2007.02.24 20:53:00

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