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- Absolutely, my playtime in the last 4 month sums up to about 10 hours.But guess what, it's not becau ...2011.09.06 17:35:00
- considering they took about three years to deliver a single frickin room....we can be happy to see a ...2011.09.03 09:44:00
- Since I do not rate hopes, promises, and future plans...1/5 ...2011.09.03 08:53:00
- It's to be decided on a case-by-case basis. There are a couple of projects that have CCP's blessing. ...2011.08.28 12:24:00
- It's a chaotic system. So, the all-beloved butterfly effect may apply. That's what it's about, isn't ...2011.08.21 20:48:00
- This is a brain teaser for the Devs.So, I hear you strife for immersion in your gameplay. I don't wa ...2011.08.19 20:08:00
- Depending on the activity on your alliance, you may benefit from protection in your system. Depends ...2011.08.19 19:53:00
- i'm guessing one blog at most. so:4840 ...2011.08.13 08:15:00
- Edited by: Reeno Coleman on 10/08/2011 12:35:42 indeed easy to fix.just fine players when margin tr ...2011.08.10 12:35:00
- Avatar ...2011.08.10 12:18:00
- A ship would be nice. You could even make it the ship I'm currently in. Wouldn't that be something.t ...2011.08.07 19:57:00
- yes ...2011.08.04 07:09:00
- They are frauds. Computer graphics is more than just a polygon mesh or point cloud. Artists need lig ...2011.08.04 06:57:00
- My pod is not so easy. Proof: Best fit for Pod*actual game footage! ...2011.08.03 09:55:00
- Adding new systems would make the old ones less valuable. Most 0.0 space is significantly underpopul ...2011.07.28 16:30:00

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