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- NOThere is no logical reason for this to be implemented other then bettering CCP's bottom line... Fo ...2010.10.07 18:06:00
- This is a fairly common concept in the world of gaming and it really shouldn't be too hard to releas ...2010.09.29 12:50:00
- I kinda like the idea. I know that the killboard tracks most of this data for pvp, but what about a ...2010.02.03 18:08:00
- Working again in a few seconds !I admire your optimism =P ...2010.01.22 19:43:00
- I wonder if we'll be back up before my sisters probes expire.... ...2010.01.22 19:37:00
- Edited by: Traith Norvelas on 01/12/2009 19:44:15 I downloaded the dominion singularity client to t ...2009.12.01 19:40:00
- Best feature in Dominion so far.....No scroll bar for the info box at the sign-in screen.... ROFL ...2009.12.01 19:32:00
- Edited by: Traith Norvelas on 01/12/2009 19:25:04 Edited by: Traith Norvelas on 01/12/2009 19:24:05 ...2009.12.01 19:23:00
- Patch download went without any problems, downloaded at a stable 8MB/s (yes, almost 80Mbit/s) and th ...2009.12.01 19:16:00
- will start visiting all close systems to enjoy new planets graphics up close*peels lord's face off t ...2009.12.01 18:58:00
- this will be released patch versio ...2009.12.01 17:19:00
- For those asking where the updated client is.... ...All these people would not be spamming here if ...2009.12.01 17:08:00
- Does anyone remember the time a bunch of people patched thier client early and it deleted thier win ...2009.12.01 16:47:00

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