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- Edited by: Levitikon on 25/06/2011 16:36:09 There is no proof of these people actualy unsubbing.Let ...2011.06.25 16:36:00
- The idea is that an hour of programming time is worth FAR more than a couple CPU cycles. Higher lev ...2011.06.21 17:37:00
- It's often said that the War on Lag cannot be won because our players can always bring one more ship ...2011.04.23 11:27:00
- Good blog, I like the details. I think it will work.I think a LOT of confusion can be simplified by ...2011.04.23 11:09:00
- Edited by: Helothane on 23/03/2011 13:44:48 I'd have to look up the product literature, but it soun ...2011.03.23 15:38:00
- FCP doesn't report to you, it reports to server. ...2011.03.23 13:14:00
- Did you just become a tier1 ISP, or some network engineer made an embarrassing mistake in his devblo ...2011.03.23 13:01:00
- Loxy:1. For 20 stream of content that's going to be free afterwards, it needs to be MUCH BETTER THA ...2011.03.11 12:56:00
- Hi There Papercuts Team...My annoyance is the message that tells me to 'wait 1 second', or three sec ...2011.02.12 13:11:00
- Agree on option.Disagree strongly on default setting. It should behave like the OS most EVE players ...2011.02.12 09:24:00
- 0 chars left, I'm felling so ::smug:: .Someone please quote that glorious wall-of-text, so our dear ...2011.02.12 00:23:00
- Ok, you want the stuff - I'll bite.Three changes that are very easyto implement - no complicated des ...2011.02.11 23:56:00
- Utilise recent Sansha Incursion, "There are rumours of a sansha manipulated wormhole being targete ...2010.08.26 14:41:00
- Another useful tidbit of information - please include killing ships into your thin client simulation ...2010.08.23 15:34:00
- Oh, wow. So basically, great pre-dominion server performance had NOTHING TO DO WITH CCP, it was bypr ...2010.08.23 15:25:00

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