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- Edited by: Millengo Gioidil on 22/06/2011 10:16:10 Ok... I tried yesterday night to dl the patch... ...2011.06.22 10:16:00
- Dunno what to tell you, the path I posted is right in my mac... I can see my imported fittings and I ...2011.03.18 02:08:00
- Try /Applications/EVE Online (or wherever you put it)/ (right click-> show packages) Contents/Resour ...2011.03.12 01:52:00
- Same problem to me. So i decided to download the client agin, from the download page, but it doesn't ...2011.01.06 01:32:00
- I've got problem with patches: sisi client shows me the update but when i try to download, it remind ...2010.12.25 02:36:00
- Ok... you guess right: I'm lazy (but there are too many posts into this topic!!!)... I've got a ques ...2010.11.29 20:41:00

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