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- i dream about having a dream about having a dream ...2011.08.28 15:33:00
- That's just one example. Consider this one. Two corps go to war. They're evenly matched in every ...2011.08.28 15:27:00
- Edited by: saltrock0000 on 28/08/2011 13:20:20 It is interesting that we have huge outrage generate ...2011.08.28 13:20:00
- It is interesting that we have huge outrage generated by the NEX, which sells nothing but vanity ite ...2011.08.28 13:10:00
- Could of been your money ccp, but unlike this other game your cash shop sells USELESS decorative ite ...2011.08.28 12:32:00
- ok its not a new one, but they are really going for it this time ...2011.08.20 10:49:00
- Mess up the game so much that less people play it, therfore less strain on thier servers ...2011.08.20 09:14:00
- Edited by: saltrock0000 on 16/08/2011 20:20:45 The only reason ccp are doing this is less ISK in ga ...2011.08.16 20:19:00
- Edited by: saltrock0000 on 17/07/2011 10:04:30 caps lock does not make you funny, smart or look coo ...2011.07.17 10:04:00
- Edited by: saltrock0000 on 16/07/2011 21:29:29 Get inbetween a drug addict and his hit....... NOGet ...2011.07.16 21:29:00
- Right lets get this started, I am not a "Vet" however im not a newby (75milsp) I see no problem what ...2011.07.09 12:18:00
- no no no no no, cmon, everyone knows the moment you close your eyes your invisibubble. ...2011.07.05 05:56:00
- VEE PEE!!!!!!!!!!!! dear lord cmon forum people dropped the ball there! ...2011.07.03 19:20:00
- i was born ready baby! ...2011.07.02 08:31:00
- Hadden't done the maths on monocle prices, Holy hell how can ccp justify that kind of costs for a de ...2011.06.30 17:56:00

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