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- Edited by: Miss President on 05/03/2011 15:41:54 retracted ...2011.03.05 15:38:00
- I remember when isk farmers in one of the 0.0 region I lived in were actually people, and if you att ...2011.02.21 14:44:00
- CCP doesnt not have to make EVE bot proof to get rid of botting. CCP only has to make the player b ...2011.02.21 02:21:00
- Fix tengu fitting presets - known bug reported issue for over 4 months, since new patch became even ...2011.02.19 18:37:00
- I got a better one PVBPLAYER vs BOT ...2011.02.17 00:51:00
- fail idea is fail.Reason: 1. There are lots of players quitting over CCP's inaction over BOTs 2. Yo ...2011.02.14 03:04:00
- Ok Good job I guess, but you're looking in the wrong place.Work on Banning Macros and Bots first, th ...2011.02.10 04:57:00
- stuff CCP PR (public relations) at work?? ...2011.01.30 23:30:00
- Tengu Fitting presets are still messed up - there was a bug identified months ago as was replied to ...2011.01.24 03:23:00
- when running lvl4 missions against minmatar and gallente maybe others too, there seems to be a stran ...2011.01.22 03:36:00
- why is it so difficult to center your portrait? should be an automatic buttonvery hard to have a goo ...2011.01.20 04:23:00
- Edited by: Miss President on 20/01/2011 04:15:33 show all brackets doesn't show all brackets - hell ...2011.01.20 04:08:00
- Minmatar seibestor tribe male is cross eyed, can't get him to look straight, eyes are looking at two ...2011.01.20 02:58:00
- CCP,why is my sebeistor kinda sucks. Plus the big question.. WHY ARE THEY ALL CROSS EYED? Both eyes ...2011.01.19 23:32:00
- Windows XP 64 bitExperienced about 4 crashes before I was able to load game. First one generated th ...2011.01.19 02:52:00

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