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- Just get a CNR, the SNI is just a normal raven with a bigger tank, the CNR however will kill the SNI ...2011.08.24 11:28:00
- I found some nice fits on battleclinic for ravens and CNR, but all the favorite ones were with XL-Bo ...2011.08.09 08:57:00
- you are more than able to do it, just as soon as you enter the room turn your ships around and kill ...2009.02.06 20:16:00
- Edited by: greengimp7 on 05/02/2009 13:42:48 Raven is definatly the best ship at that range, and if ...2009.02.05 13:42:00
- I have always thought that salvaging should give you kill rights. The thing that annoys me most is ...2008.12.25 20:53:00
- I've read a few hundred of the posts in this section and i failed to see anything about a running mi ...2008.12.23 09:38:00

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