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- In questions of faith, the atheist rejects the fundamental structure of faith which we, as defenders ...2011.08.12 23:25:00
- How about a DD where you fire it and your dumb titan blows up since they are all horrible and should ...2011.08.09 06:28:00
- i agree with one of the previous posters - a few years ago I would have told you (and did tell frien ...2011.08.09 06:24:00
- All the races are good, teh Caldari are the best because of the drake and teh tengu. ...2011.07.18 06:16:00
- You can always ask me or any Loyalist Officer these kinds of questions ingame - but for the most par ...2011.07.18 06:05:00
- ちょっと日本語書けても外 ...2011.07.14 23:54:00
- Amarr have great cruisers - the Arbi (curse/pilgrim) but these are drone boats. Fo gunboat cruisers ...2011.07.11 23:28:00
- Put my name on the board -I will either need a ride back to cambridge or a place to crash that night ...2011.07.11 21:58:00
- It actually was quite a boost for vets - skillpoint redistribution is very powerful and ignores SP/h ...2011.05.21 02:28:00
- depends on what kind of solo pvp (nil. low, fw) and what ships class' you are hunting. the drone sh ...2011.05.21 02:19:00
- I have some heathen friends who love their vindicators and still fly them sometimes (but are waiting ...2011.05.01 09:03:00
- here is a hint - ac thrashers are better irl, arti are better eft, pve does not count since basicall ...2011.05.01 08:58:00
- You're assuming two things. First, every member of 0.0 votes for a 0.0 candidate, and two, 0.0 can ...2011.04.18 17:30:00
- Edited by: Ruah Piskonit on 17/04/2011 17:38:50This CSM-council is a farce and became nothing more t ...2011.04.17 17:38:00
- Edited by: Ruah Piskonit on 11/04/2011 16:27:45 it is one of the best AFs out there - just use it i ...2011.04.11 16:25:00

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