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- And together we can rule New Eden as..... um..... well person on the other side of the kb and that o ...2011.08.19 16:57:00
- Bumpsy. Bringing explosions to a ship near you. Join us now for this introductory offer. ...2011.08.19 16:54:00
- I'll be there. As long as I don't run into a gate camp on the way.-Keal ...2011.08.18 22:51:00
- Um.....I'm not going to speak for the giant cup thing but I will speak for these Playboys. Very coo ...2011.08.18 17:51:00
- Recruitment still green folks. Join our public channel and see what we're all about. SOG-Public. ...2011.08.18 17:40:00
- Bumpsy. Come on with it folks. You tired of the big blob warfare? Come join the Playboys. Here e ...2011.08.16 16:41:00
- Recruitment still open folks. We have lots of fun out here pewing. Come join us. ...2011.08.16 16:38:00
- Awesome group of guys and very well organized fleets. I've flown w/them and am still flying w/em. ...2011.08.16 00:43:00
- Come out to Syndicate w/us and join the fun in small gang pew pew. We love flying smaller gangs w/s ...2011.08.15 20:48:00
- Join us in the fighting ppl. ...2010.08.11 18:23:00
- Recruitment is still open folks. We are laid back and love to pvp. Very friendly folks in our corp ...2010.08.09 18:54:00
- Join Sog-Public to hang out w/us. ...2010.08.07 15:19:00
- We are still recruiting. PM Kealapono or Xanthe Poni. ...2010.08.06 17:40:00
- Alright folks come on down and join us in making stuff go boom. Lots of fun to be had. We have a c ...2010.08.02 23:04:00
- Lot's of fun ppl. ...2010.07.27 14:54:00

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