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- So, since eve has been around for so long and there's no way that new players will ever be able to c ...2011.07.05 06:24:00
- Something like this is going happen at some point, make no mistake. I agree, and for the simple rea ...2011.07.05 06:12:00
- These ships would then see more use in combat and replace the cloacked t3 booster in system. These s ...2011.07.05 05:34:00
- If you bring it back (which I really hope you don't) it has to be as an option because that thing wa ...2011.06.15 05:19:00
- It'd be really nice to have a transparency slider for pinned windows. Absolutely this! Everyone's v ...2011.06.01 04:04:00
- whats wrong with afk cloakers?? It gives the same benefits to a player who has walked away from the ...2011.05.28 23:29:00
- Having say two different options to choose from for ship bonuses would help reduce the need to cross ...2011.05.28 12:58:00
- name one other thing in eve that is done afk without being able to be countered. AFK cloaking is a c ...2011.05.28 05:58:00
- I think that it is a problem that I can cloak my ship up and walk away from the computer knowing tha ...2011.05.28 05:29:00
- The problem is players like to stay cloaked for twelve or more hours. Why? To see what is going on? ...2011.05.28 05:14:00
- AFK cloakers ARE the problem. non afk cloakers do cause me a problem but at least they are also havi ...2011.05.28 03:50:00
- how bout remove local but have constellation chat?so your never sure where anyone is, but you atleas ...2011.05.26 08:13:00
- Any system with all it gates connecting to systems held by the same alliance should be invulnerable ...2011.05.26 08:04:00
- How about a specific type of probe that can scan down cloaked ship, with a lot of effort of course. ...2011.05.26 07:18:00
- Edited by: Cedims on 08/05/2011 06:48:43 I for one, think that Tres Farmer (and OP of course) has a ...2011.05.08 06:48:00

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