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- now let's assume for a moment the following situation: some1 (a mission runner MAYBE) gave me a ...2009.07.16 19:00:00
- I hate people.Well that's convienent, because people hate you. ...2009.07.09 20:14:00
- who falls for can flipping? why ask one of my many friends...Who's can is that anyway?How in the wo ...2009.07.09 12:32:00
- so concord will not react if he started shooting me anymore (surely that cant be right?)If he STA ...2009.07.08 12:24:00
- I heard it was because of Pilgrim ...2009.06.30 19:52:00
- The problem with letting offered missions expire is that you won't get another mission from that age ...2009.06.30 19:48:00
- ITT: new pilot rushing into a big ship without SP, experience or knowledge. Then finds there's "issu ...2009.06.29 20:31:00
- And while you're on the topic of "zero risk", what risks are there in ganking mining barges and e ...2009.06.29 19:57:00
- In before OP comes back with "I know ship fittingz and mine wrocks!!!111!!. The missions are bugged ...2009.06.29 14:52:00
- I've heard they are great for graffiti tagging Minmatar stations. ...2009.06.15 14:21:00
- Believing there is a simple answer to anything in EVE - *special* ...2009.06.11 19:50:00
- dude.... your chin! Chin? I thought that was a siamese twin. ...2009.06.09 12:05:00
- What part of Canada are you from? Don't tell Lexa.. You'll wake up one morning with no memory of th ...2009.06.09 12:01:00
- Who intiated the war? For what reason and goals? Were those goals accomplished? If yes, they won, ...2009.06.08 19:08:00
- This again, basically - If you pilot A flips pilot B's can then Pilot B (and anyone in Pilot B's cor ...2009.06.08 14:23:00

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