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- ...plate-fit Chimera, teehee.Ah, the memories Still giving me nightmares that one... ...2010.05.23 08:38:00
- Just about to hit the 12M SP mark and looking for a new direction and WHs are my next destination.Lo ...2009.11.06 15:50:00
- So someone sets up a public contract against you. You use an alt to pick up the contract and so defe ...2009.10.07 07:35:00
- Trying to manage anything out of game is impossible without this. Give new accounts API access. ...2009.10.05 10:25:00
- Edited by: Melandaras on 04/10/2009 08:38:16 Im going to say no to this idea as the ships you are p ...2009.10.04 08:37:00
- If you start nerfing the control towers of those that don't hold Sov all you would achieve is a mad ...2009.09.26 07:04:00
- truncated content ...2009.09.19 13:09:00
- truncated content ...2009.08.16 11:50:00
- A free bump for a great bumch of people in a great corp. If you are looking for a well run, well org ...2009.06.05 07:48:00
- Bumpage for a great corp ...2009.05.22 13:39:00

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