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- I get the feeling more effort has gone into designing the pirate ships (player) than the mainstream ...2011.01.13 17:31:00
- You should be able to click on the buttons on the left hand side of the screen (standard UI) to open ...2011.01.13 17:14:00
- ...dreams of arkonor and Gneiss in Jita. Not much use to me, I don't mine these days. ...2011.01.13 16:34:00
- FOBTW? If even google can't figure out what your made up acronym is, you're doing it wrong. PS: What ...2011.01.13 16:27:00
- Edited by: Forum Guy on 13/01/2011 14:33:15 Edited by: Forum Guy on 13/01/2011 14:30:55 upchuck i ...2011.01.13 14:27:00
- Edited by: n00n3r on 13/01/2011 05:30:12 Edited by: Nyrawin on 12/01/2011 01:46:03I just came back ...2011.01.13 13:14:00
- It would probably mean that most of the people in NPC corps would leave the game. ...2011.01.13 12:48:00
- Who is Chibba, seen him post but have no clue who he actually is and have no reason to respect him ...2011.01.13 12:02:00
- Edited by: Forum Guy on 13/01/2011 11:19:09 Edited by: Forum Guy on 13/01/2011 11:17:41 The result ...2011.01.13 11:16:00
- Things we know about Loughner:1.He owned a gun2.he went to school and dropped out3.he had trouble ge ...2011.01.12 17:41:00
- It's not just games, films are just as bad.So what's the answer, a nanny state nothing above a PG ra ...2011.01.12 17:04:00
- What is the point of this forum? I mean seriously. According to the trolls who are so lightening qui ...2011.01.12 16:48:00
- It certainly gives a visible "Someone claims this system" marker. Kinda like a dog marking a fire h ...2011.01.12 14:59:00
- So what if everyone went to Rens for the day, assuming Rens does not have limits imposed on it like ...2011.01.12 14:09:00
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