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- So you are saying that if your cadillac's door fell off after a couple of months of use and the engi ...2011.09.05 20:09:00
- People unhappy with ccp's development direction != Targets of moderation.I once was like you and def ...2011.09.05 18:11:00
- Exactly right. This is why I and so many others want nothing to do with 0.0 and why CCP's efforts to ...2011.08.25 18:58:00
- i want them now, so i know what to do to the market.Which may have something to do with why they hav ...2011.08.25 18:46:00
- Well the Corporate or Alliance position on this is generally that if you are not flying their defi ...2011.08.24 19:07:00
- All Thanatos' should have Small Remote Armor Repairers in their hi-slots. Idiot deserved it.All gal ...2011.08.17 20:04:00
- Since people are interested in the subject, I have one question that's appropriate considering the ...2011.08.10 16:43:00
- Well, without going into too much detail... Renters are generally incompetent scrubs that think the ...2011.08.10 16:29:00
- Vaari,Please refain from making edicts or orders in areas within which you have no say or place to d ...2011.08.08 15:56:00
- So what exactly is the purpose here? You have no proof for your claims, and they are insulting as w ...2011.07.27 17:28:00
- Protein delicacies and Quafe Ultra? Seriously? Consuming raw sewage would be healthier. Oh wait... ...2011.07.21 16:22:00
- No one cares. Just get out. ...2011.07.15 16:42:00
- I can't wait for it to be fall so all the kids will be back in school and not posting on the forums. ...2011.07.15 16:37:00
- Posts like OP's are why IQ tests should be administered and passed before being allowed to install E ...2011.07.15 16:33:00
- Very well, so you people are flying unarmed rookie ships crewed only by a capsuleer. Congrats on not ...2011.07.11 16:00:00

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