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- Well there is good think about this year finals, next year there is 3 alliances I won’t take time to ...2011.06.19 22:23:00
- So much about CCP saying ‘we want to shoot you in the face’, let watch AT8 at least we see ppl fight ...2011.06.19 21:54:00
- DarkSide ...2011.06.19 19:17:00
- Paisti Syndicate ...2011.06.19 18:40:00
- is that a yes to my offer?65.7M sp ...2011.06.18 21:13:00
- At least bring all rainbow ships and make it look nice. disapointed ...2011.06.18 21:08:00
- 20:20 Outbreak ...2011.06.18 20:02:00
- Edited by: Tian Nu on 16/06/2011 10:09:38 The mach had deployed ecm drones, and the ruppie was jamm ...2011.06.16 10:08:00
- PL will fit Ruptures whith lasers oh i forgot ofc every diferant color ...2011.06.16 09:55:00
- Edited by: Tian Nu on 16/06/2011 10:06:10 So what was the problem? What prevent you from overheatin ...2011.06.16 09:53:00
- The Mach survived cos of rly bad Rupture pilot, if he overheat the guns when the Mach turns around ( ...2011.06.16 00:04:00
- co2 and wild boars not really ~elite~ pvp, seems like razor are the new kings of venal v0v SRBI cor ...2011.06.15 09:49:00
- Why everyone thinks is scam? In CO2 you can use two service one global 200 isk per m˛ or your corp f ...2011.06.15 09:43:00
- I will be hanging in hi sec for while drop me mail with what you will like to be done and we can tal ...2011.05.02 08:53:00
- kind wear OP kiled one last week whith 12 fighters and he droped under 10s. i do agree that is bete ...2011.04.26 17:38:00

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