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- I'm not even colorblind although I'm astigmatic and I find the new cap meter difficult to read.I'm n ...2011.06.08 15:11:00
- Edited by: NordStormX on 08/06/2011 13:41:45 Many people agree that low-sec is in dire need of some ...2011.06.08 13:34:00
- Messaged one of your members in-game. If you could follow up (Not sure if it was an alt or not)that' ...2011.05.17 18:22:00
- Myself and my two friends are looking for an active high-sec industry corp. What we primarily want i ...2011.05.17 15:53:00
- Contact me in-game. I have a group of 3 very active industry guys looking for an active mining corp. ...2011.05.17 15:38:00
- Hey dude, If you want a PVE corp with a good group of guys. Drop me a line.-Nordstormx CEO of Boom ...2011.03.31 18:53:00
- Boom.Roasted is recruiting players of any background. Our overall goal is to set up a manufacturin ...2011.03.31 18:51:00
- Sent in my e-mail. Hope to meet you guys, I've heard good things lol ...2011.03.01 19:11:00
- Renegade Armada is looking for Miners and Industry-minded players to bolster its mining branch.We of ...2011.01.24 19:49:00

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