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- I'd agree to some extent - the Brutix could do with a little more power and CPU, not much, but enoug ...2004.12.01 01:18:00
- Hi GM Rendo,Thanks for replying, it's a welcome sight to see a GM here.I'll post this in the other t ...2004.09.26 13:43:00
- Try going further out than 0.8 space then, you'll start seeing them more often. ...2004.09.25 12:34:00
- Qwarkz - I had that same theory myself for a long time, but hours and hours of packet logging and tr ...2004.09.25 12:31:00
- I've had this problem for some time myself, originally starting after Christmas, after Castor had be ...2004.09.25 12:29:00
- I'd suggest assuming it's the "too many assets in too many locations problem", and to go out and try ...2004.09.02 18:40:00
- Thanks for nothing.... not even 1 reply!Yeah well.1) The thread was only up 3 hours, not much time f ...2004.08.31 19:55:00
- It may sound like an obvious question, but has everyone turned the SP2 firewall off? there are an e ...2004.08.30 10:46:00
- Bump, any chance anyone else has been hit by this and knows a magical solution?Looks unlikely mate : ...2004.08.15 11:21:00
- Edited by: Arrik on 12/08/2004 08:21:43 edit: sorry i missed the last page, i have been reading if ...2004.08.12 08:20:00
- Do a manual download and install from the Downloads -> patches section.After the dismal failure of t ...2004.08.12 08:07:00
- I think switching ships is also supposed to help with this problem, but it's not one I've ever exper ...2004.08.12 08:02:00
- At last! Someone else who's suffered this problem!I've been experiencing this problem since Christm ...2004.08.12 08:02:00
- I think now it only works if you are the channel creator or have creator's actually dele ...2004.07.28 19:06:00

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